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Person sitting on ladder after doing a painting task
Person sitting on ladder after doing a painting task

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What is Tasky?

What is Tasky?

Tasky connects time-pressed folks in search of support with dependable neighborhood Taskers who can assist with anything from home repairs to errands. You may be paid to do whatever you love, whenever and where you choose, as a Tasker, all while boosting someone's day in your city.

How to Begin

1. Sign up

Set up an account. The Tasker app can then be downloaded to complete registration.

2. Build your profile

Choose the locations where you want to offer your services.

3. Check your eligibility for the Task

Verify your identity and provide any necessary business verifications.

4. Pay the registration fee

In eligible cities, we charge a $25 registering fee to assist us to provide you with the best service possible.5. Plan your working schedule and workspace.

5. Plan your work schedule and workspace

Choose to receive same-day jobs and choose your weekly availability.

6. Start looking for jobs

Expand your business at your own pace.
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I enjoy Tasky. I was able to pay off my debt, handle my payments, take care of my family, and yet have money left over to invest for my future objectives.
Karsheem W., New York, NY
tasker testimonial

Your questions, answered

The following requirements must be satisfied in order for you to become a Tasker:Able to get employment in one of our bustling cities. A complete list of cities is available here.Accept a photo ID check. This maintains the security of our site for all users.A checking account with a bank or other financial institution. You will be compensated using the platform in this manner.Possess a smartphone Our Tasker app, available for iOS or Android, will be how you manage your tasks.A genuine Social Security number from the United StatesPay one-time, non-refundable registration fee in the relevant cities. This enables us to offer the Tasker community the best service possible.
The task categories and the skills you employ are entirely up to you.
Make sure to map out your work location and specify schedule availability after completing the registration process, which includes creating your Fixgent profile, so that it appears in Client search results. If you aren't receiving request, think about changing your pricing, your working environment, and your availability, adding more categories, and updating your profile information to make sure that clients can easily understand the services you provide.
You must enter your bank account details and billing address when registering for the app to receive payments. Even if they permit direct deposits, savings accounts, prepaid debit cards, and re-loadable bank cards are not recognized. We utilize the most recent encryption technology since we take the security of your personal information seriously. Your information is only used internally and will never be disclosed to third parties.
A complete list of cities is available here.
You can perform tasks in 30+ categories and employ a range of abilities every day.